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10 Popular "Life Hacks" That Are Completely Bogus

Life hacks give us cheap, elegant ways to stay organized and productive.

For instance, who knew a bowl could double as a makeshift iPhone speaker? Or that binder clips could preserve the life of our toothpaste?

But some life hacks are more trouble than they’re worth, and won’t actually save you time or energy.

Here are the hacks you should probably avoid.

content-1470838423-1-toasters-dont-make-Grilled Cheese Social

1. Toasters don’t make good grilled cheese.

The life hack: Making a grilled cheese sandwich by turning a toaster on its side and putting two slices of bread inside with a slice of cheese atop each.

Why it’s bogus: Aside from the fire hazard you’re creating, the method is just ineffective. Buttered bread will grease the inside of your toaster, and the final product won’t have the same texture. Plus, the bread might pop out and get melty cheese all over the place.


2. Wooden spoons don’t stop pots of water from boiling over.

The life hack: Placing a wooden spoon across a boiling pot of water to prevent the water from spilling over.

Why it’s bogus: You may have some success with a simmering pot, but the real enemy here is the rapid, rolling boil. Expect the water to engulf your feeble spoon.

content-1470838473-3-nails-wont-help-youMental Floss/YouTube

3. Nails won’t help you get the cork out of a wine bottle.

The life hack: To pull a tightly plugged cork out of a bottle, jam a nail into it and pull it out, taking the cork with it.

Why it’s bogus: The hack only works if you have multiple nails in the cork. If you’re celebrating the grand opening of your hardware store, you could probably gather enough. Otherwise, go find a regular bottle opener.

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