How Likely Is It That Your Job Will Be Replaced By A Robot?

Driverless cars, robot helpers, and bionic bartenders are just some of the proposed benefits of advances in artificial intelligence. But is the rise of the machines all good news?
The BBC has put together a fun infographic on the risk robots pose to different professions, based on a study by researchers at Oxford University and Deloitte. And it’s grim reading for some jobs, we’re afraid.
According to the infographic, telemarketers, typists, and legal secretaries are most at risk from artificial intelligence taking their jobs in the near future. Hotel owners, shop managers and school inspectors are among the safest. We here at IFLScience aren’t too worried yet; journalists rank as 285th most at risk out of the list of 366 jobs, with just an 8% “automation risk,” so you probably won’t be reading articles on here by robots any time soon.
The data was gathered by assessing nine key skills of each job, which included social perceptiveness, negotiation, and persuasion. Those that required more “human-like” skills were deemed to have less of a chance of automation, but in total about 35% of jobs were said to be at risk of computerization in the next 20 years – although who knows what other jobs will spring up as a result. Maybe don’t go championing breakthroughs in artificial intelligence just yet, though, if your job ranked highly.
Check out the infographic over at the BBC.

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