People Responded To That Robot Committing Suicide In The Best Way Possible

On Tuesday we told you about that poor security robot that threw itself into a fountain in Washington DC. It was pretty sad.

But today, a brief ray of hope, as people have built a shrine to the robot. And they’ve also given it a name: Steve.

The robot, officially called K5 and built by Knightscope, was found face down in the water on Tuesday. As the robot is autonomous, it presumably accidentally drove itself into the water.

Several posts on Twitter documented the final moments of the poor robot. And now some more people have shown off a shrine built in its (his?) honor, complete with notes of appreciation, pictures, and flowers.

Oh and, of course, there’s now a Twitter account for Steve, @SteveTRobot.







These robots are equipped with cameras to provide a more physical presence than a regular security camera. They also have “forensic capabilities”, which includes recording license plates and something to do with wireless signals. And in the future, they will be upgraded with a “gun detection” feature.

Knightscope has not yet responded to any requests to explain what happened. But we do know this isn’t the first instance of one of these robots going haywire. Previously, one accidentally ran over a toddler. Another was toppled by a drunk man.

However, in a brief tweet, the company joked that K5 just wanted to take a dip in the water to avoid the heat. Maybe it was, after all, only human.

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