Programmer Uses His Tech Skills To Get Hilarious Revenge On Phone Scammers

Phone scammers usually prey on the vulnerable and less technologically savvy people out there. Sometimes, however, they run into someone who knows their way around a computer, and soon regret ever calling.

One cold-call scammer appears to have bitten off more than he can chew recently, after attempting to scam a popular YouTube hacker by the name of Project Mayhem.

The scammer impersonates the Internal Revenue Service and attempts to convince victims that they owe tax money. The scammer claims that if the money is not paid immediately, they will be arrested. Project Mayhem, however, knew the true nature of the call and set about finding a way to stop any future victims from being scammed in this way.

While the scammers were waiting for a call back for the payment to be made, the vigilante hacker began writing a script to use VoIP (a method of sending voice communications at low cost to telephones via the Internet) to automatically call the scammers so fast that their phone lines would become unusable. When we say fast, we’re talking 28 times a second.

Let’s just say the scammers didn’t appreciate the gesture.

The callers on the receiving end of the VoIP script quickly descend into madness as every call they answer contains the simple message: “Hello, it has been detected that you are a scammer. Because of this, we are now flooding your phone lines to prevent you from scamming additional people. This will not stop until you stop.”

Watch for yourself as the scammers react to the onslaught of automated messages in the video below. Be aware though, after the first few messages, the scammers get very worked up and the video is extremely NSFW. There is swearing, there are threats, there are even admissions of guilt – all of which makes the video so much more satisfying.

(Caution: strong language)

The creator of this video is now accepting donations on Patreon, with which he wishes to continue his efforts to stop companies from scamming people. You can also check out Project Mayhem’s YouTube channel here.

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