See Global Google Trend In Real Life Thanks To This Awesome 3D Map

The Global Trend Tracker. NeoMam StudiosAre you curious what the world is currently searching for on Google? Well, wonder no more. Manchester-based NeoMam Studios have created an interactive visualization of the 10 Top Hot Trend Topics as they happened.

Users can search for the topics by country or watch the globe spin around with the search terms appearing over the outline of the country. By clicking on one of the terms, you get a preview of the Google search page with an indication of how many times the word had been searched. The trending topics remain in the original language and alphabet.

The user can also personalize the globe by changing ocean color, opacity, and the globe background. This might help to make it clearer. 

You can check out the cool web applet below! As it’s best to be seen on a desktop computer, we took some screenshots as well, which you can view below.

The Global Trend Tracker. NeoMam Studios


The Global Trend Tracker. NeoMam Studios

The Global Trend Tracker. NeoMam Studios


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