SpaceX Pay Homage To The Falcon 9 Rocket In Beautiful Slow-Motion Video

Falcon 9 rockets have thrust SpaceX to the forefront of commercial space exploration in a matter of years. But aside from their technological prowess, their launches and landings look worthy of a Stanley Kubrick movie.

SpaceX recently released a slow-motion montage reel showcasing four of their groundbreaking launches and landings, all of which were powered by their Falcon 9 rockets. The missions shown in the video include the May JCSAT-14 launch, the December 2015 ORBCOMM landing burn, and the July CRS-9 launch, stage separation, engine plume interaction, re-entry burn, and landing burn.

This rocket allowed SpaceX to become the first commercial venture to visit the International Space Station in 2012 and is well-known for its vertical landings, which allow the rocket to be reused, dramatically reducing the high price tag of space travel.



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