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Watch Slime Molds Recreate The Intro To Game Of Thrones

Everybody’s excited about the ongoing sixth series of “Game Of Thrones,” especially single-celled slime molds.

YouTube channel Transcend Rules has recreated the opening sequence for the death-a-minute fantasy drama using a video of slime mold by Nick Lariontsev. Even if you’re one of the few remaining mortals who is not captivated by the HBO show, it’s a hypnotizingly beautiful video.

According to photographer Nick Lariontsev’s Vimeo, the slime molds are an all-star cast of Aspergillus fumigatus, Botrytis sp., Mucor sp., Trichoderma sp., and Cladosporium sp. shown over a period of two to eight days. While they might not look like much, it was recently discovered that these organisms are actually capable of learning. You can read more about that bizarre discovery right here.


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