What's Going On In This Trippy Image Of Yosemite National Park?

Take a glance at this image (below) and see if you can work out what’s going on. Is it a photo of a starry night? A painting? Maybe a digitally manipulated illustration?

It is actually a photograph taken by San Francisco-based filmmaker Kevin Wolf in the natural wonders of Yosemite National Park, California. However, all is not quite as it seems.

As Wolf explains, “I flipped this photo upside down because the sand under the river kinda looked like stars.” 

If you’re looking at this image on a phone, give it a flip around and you’ll see it’s simply the reflection of a lake. You can even make out some of the ripples where the water meets the base of the mountains and wooded area.

Come to think of it, those trees did look a bit weird…

Kevin Wolf

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